Warehouse Operations Simulation Demonstration

Tuesday October 20, 2020


Warehouses are complex facilities that create both design and operational challenges that can be addressed using simulation. SIMCON has developed simulation solutions for standalone warehouse facilities and for raw materials and finished good warehouses integrated within large production facilities. Regardless of the type of warehouse, our team works closely with each client to identify and understand their business constraints and develop a simulation solution in the appropriate level of detail for addressing all challenges.

This video provides an overview of a demo simulation model that demonstrates how simulation can be used to inform and optimize warehouse operations. The demo simulation is based on our experience modeling warehouse operations and captures all major transactions throughout the warehouse, including inbound conveyors, vehicle movements, loading and unloading from racking locations, pick and drop locations, traffic control, outbound conveyors and slugging, and much more. In addition to the 3D representation of the warehouse, the logic under the hood of the simulation is playing out warehouse operations based on data, operating policies, and business rules. The simulation model serves as a digital environment where experiments can be conducted in order to determine the best design and operating procedures for the warehouse.