Project Manager and Lead Engineer, Alion Science and Technology

Friday June 3, 2016
"SIMCON is the benchmark by which all contractors should be measured. Their tireless hours, work ethic, attention to detail, and penchant for going the extra mile are cornerstones on which Jeremy Tejada has built his company. Jeremy and his team actively engage early, communicate often, and provide comprehensive solutions while completing tasks on-time and as defined in the scope of work. Their consistency throughout my many years of working with them is one of their greatest qualities. Most notably, SIMCON can adapt, overcome, and excel through engineering problems and challenges that tend to cause problems for other engineering consulting firms. Jeremy and his team not only support the technical requirements, documentation requirements, and interface with our customers with care and tact, they are adept at handling administrative issues such as contracts, legal documents, and quality control. Their communication style and team personality allows them to easily interact with other companies that are part of the larger project team. SIMCON is a complete engineering resource that will consistently exceed expectations. I consider it a privilege that I have had the opportunity to work with the SIMCON team for several years. In my experience as an engineer and project manager, there has not been another team or contractor whose work product, communication skills, and dedication are comparable to the SIMCON team. I am pleased to provide them with the strongest endorsement for engineering consulting projects."
Ben Bridges
Project Manager and Lead Engineer, Alion Science and Technology

Cell Phone: (505) 240-2673
Email: benjamin.r.bridges@gmail.com