Project Manager and Lead Engineer, Alion Science and Technology

Friday June 3, 2016
"The SIMCON team consistently provides insights from complex technical data with unmatched work ethic and focus. The large amount of data from day to day use of complex simulation tools can be overwhelming when you are trying to understand the information you are seeing, why you are seeing it, and inform stakeholders of the critical insights and key takeaways. The SIMCON team’s unique abilities and experience allow them to explain and analyze data efficiently and effectively, reducing the time needed to get the key takeaways for complex engineering projects exponentially. In addition to their ability to quickly document and communicate key information from complex simulation experiments, their technical communications skills are superb. They easily convert complex data analysis and results into meaningful graphics and documentation for decision makers. If you are not using SIMCON for your simulation projects, there are likely important insights that were missed. In my position at Alion Science and Technology, I worked with the SIMCON team in both an engineering and project management capacity. We routinely subcontracted work to SIMCON, and I am intimately familiar with both their technical abilities and their approach to project administration. In my engineering role, I interfaced with their team daily and was always impressed with their level of experience and responsiveness. As a project manager, they made my life easy by consistently progressing challenging tasks and by providing me with frequent task-level reporting information for updating my project forecasts. I highly recommend the SIMCON team as a partner on your next small- or large-scale engineering project."
Dominic Muñoz
Project Manager and Lead Engineer, Alion Science and Technology

Cell Phone: (505) 360-4618
Email: dommunoz01@gmail.com