Manufacturing Systems Engineer, Metal Tooling Manufacturer

Wednesday May 20, 2020
"As our team began evaluating the proposals from several simulation service providers, it was immediately clear that the SIMCON team was unique. Their enthusiasm, attention to detail, and desire to work collaboratively was very refreshing, especially when compared to the other cookie-cutter approaches we received. Our future facility was expected to have a high level of product and process complexity, both of which were in a constant state of flux during the project. Not only was the SIMCON team able to build flexibility into the model to account for a rapidly changing facility, but they also anticipated where flexibility would be needed, often weeks in advance of our team realizing. Their data-driven modelling approach enabled changes to be made promptly, saving us crucial time to keep the project on schedule. The SIMCON team effectively developed a model that has allowed our team to make informed decisions regarding equipment and staffing configurations needed to meet the demands of our future facility. Their modelling approach streamlined capacity constraint identification and they worked with our team to propose feasible mitigation solutions. The model continues to be a valuable asset for our team, where we can confidently assess the impact of further facility design changes and evaluate additional scenarios. The tool the SIMCON team provided has given us an understanding of our future facility that we never would have been able to achieve otherwise. When our team needs simulation services in the future, SIMCON will be our first call."
Greg Friend
Manufacturing Systems Engineer, Metal Tooling Manufacturer

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