Lead Product Engineer, Keurig Dr. Pepper

Friday January 18, 2019
"SIMCON recently completed a simulation modeling project designed to help our engineering design team develop and evaluate scheduling algorithms to be used to drive a facility simulation model to validate the equipment requirements for a new manufacturing facility being designed. Because of their project management abilities, the quality of their work, and their communication skills, I am pleased to provide them with an excellent recommendation. They were able to work effectively with both our internal team and other vendors supporting the design of the new facility. They are continuing to work with us on separate facility design simulation models driven by the scheduling model developed during the project we recently completed. The two-phase modeling approach they used allowed us to review and enhance our production scheduling early on in the project, and their facility design simulation let us see exactly how the schedule affects equipment requirements and facility operations. Both models were entirely data-driven, making it easy to experiment with model parameters and alternative equipment configurations. As a simulation engineer myself, I can state with confidence that the Simio models they developed were well structured, data-driven, and provided the information we needed to make design decisions for our new facility. In fact, the models were so impressive that we are working on an internal sell to our planning and IT departments to use the scheduling simulation model for daily scheduling operations at the new facility. The project team went above and beyond the project requirements, often experimenting with the models to help answer questions we hadn’t even thought to ask yet. They took an active interest in understanding and improving the operations of our future facility. The quality of their documentation is unparalleled and they were very effective at communicating the results of their analysis to a variety of stakeholders, including the Operational Launch Team Lead in charge of all operations at the new facility. Our overall experience working with their team was enjoyable and productive, and we have already begun working with them on other simulation projects for the new facility. We plan to continue to work with them for any of our simulation modeling needs, and this a testament to the quality of their work and dedication to our project and our team."
Lead Product Engineer
Keurig Dr. Pepper