SIMCON Solutions helps management, engineering and business professionals maximize their ROI by quantitatively and visually evaluating current and future system performance across a broad range of strategies. We employ a variety of analytical tools, including computer simulation, statistical modeling, and engineering software development toward this end.

SIMCON has helped:

Assess performance
Assess the performance of alternative breast cancer screening policies for older US women by quantifying the relationship between the costs of screening and treatment and the benefit of saving lives.  See our related article in the Industrial Engineer magazine.
Optimize a plant layout
A parts manufacturer optimize plant layout and inventory management, reducing inventory requirements by 90% and saving the company an estimated $600,000 per year in direct inventory costs.
Generate a 10:1 ROI
An engineering services firm gain new business from nuclear power plants at an estimated ROI of 10:1 by introducing both computational improvements and statistical analysis capabilities to their safety assessment simulation software.
Develop a visual simulation
Develop a visual simulation of an entire mining operation (from ore to shore) to gain stakeholder buy-in by allowing them to envision the project scope and operations prior to breaking ground.
Enhance an existing simulation model
Enhance an existing simulation model of an advanced prescription order fulfillment and sortation system to include order tracking and sortation logic.

About SIMCON Solutions LLC

The company was founded by Dr. Jeremy J. Tejada (CV). Jeremy earned a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University, and has experience helping management define problems, collecting relevant data, developing simulations, and conducting statistical analyses that provide decision-makers with the information they need to make better operational and strategic decisions.

He is joined by Matthew Ballan (CV) and a group of consultants who bring an extraordinary level of educational achievement and industry experience to each client project.

SIMCON employs a systematic and iterative approach when working with our clients. We begin by developing a clear understanding of our client’s needs and establishing a formal plan for addressing them. We find that success in any project requires frequent communication with project stakeholders, and we solicit feedback every step of the way. To that end, our deliverables are presented in a format that is clear and familiar to our clients. Above all, our team is committed to delivering high quality work with an excellent turnaround time.