Sometimes it makes sense to use a commercial simulation software package for model development, but other times it is best to create a customized simulation software program. For projects that do not require extensive visualization, or situations where commercial packages do not meet customer requirements, a custom simulation program may be the answer.

Many companies also have specialized data collection, storage, and analysis needs. Large amounts of data is often generated by internal systems, and we can develop customized software to harness that data, perform analysis, and generate reports on an ongoing basis.

We also assist companies with general programming and software development needs.

Some examples of our software development projects include:

  • Custom simulation software programs
  • Designing graphical user interfaces to make programs easy to use
  • Automating repetitive data management and data analysis functions
  • Enhancing functionality of existing client software with new data mining, statistical analysis, or simulation features
  • Querying client databases for information and using this information in other software applications

At the completion of a software development project, you will acquiretangible intellectual property you can own and utilize indefinitely. For custom simulation software, there are no ties to third party software distributors or annual licensing fees. Our goal is to deliver deployable and easy to use engineering software programs to satisfy your specific needs and increase your efficiency.

In addition to strong engineering backgrounds, our team also has programming experience in several languages, including C++, Visual Basic, C#.NET, Matlab, and Java, among many others.

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