SIMCON provides quantitative assessments of your business that help you make informed decisions and improve your operations. We help you answer questions in two broad areas:

  • How to quantitatively evaluate, optimize, and visualize existing system performance; and
  • How to quantitatively predict, optimize, and visualize future system performance.

We answer these questions by employing computer simulation modeling and statistical data analysis, as well as developing custom engineering software applications.

Our goal is to improve the strategic and operational decisions you make and deliver an excellent ROI.

We achieve this by

Reducing operating costs
For example, we can evaluate thousands of production, inventory, scheduling, and plant layout options before the first dollar is invested in facilities. Of course, we can also assess and optimize the performance of current systems.
Optimizing resource planning and management
Whether you are evaluating current or future systems, we can show precisely how demand will drive staffing, equipment, capital, and space requirements.
Improving the accuracy and speed of decision-making
We can provide you with the tools to predict the financial impact of your decisions by evaluating system performance over a wide range of constraints and operating policies. Once a particular model is established, it can be used repeatedly to evaluate alternative strategies with a quick turn around time.
Solidifying stakeholder buy-in
We help garner stakeholder support for your project by developing a visual representation of your system driven by quantitative data.

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